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Last updated on March 25th, 2018

Hugs are like drugs – releasing chemicals in the brain that produce a ‘love hormone’ which according to research could help strengthen your relationship.

A hug means something. After all, you only hug family, close friends or loved ones. Now we know that hugging your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or partner at night is a sure fire way to strengthen your love for one another.

The hug is an underrated show of affection. Marriages and relationships get hung up around holding hands, kissing and, of course, sex…and there is nothing wrong with that at all. But don’t push the hug to one side, because research has revealed that it has a lot more benefits for relationships than many couples could ever have imagined.

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and there are many tips on how you can achieve that. But consider hugging under the duvet sheets as you fall asleep arm in arm. Not only will it relax and arouse at the same time, it will have far greater impact in strengthening your relationship, research has revealed.

The reason behind hugging being a boost to love lives and relationships is the fact that Kelly sandals Black Stubbs amp; Wootton 5N7sRHm
as it has been branded.

Produced by pregnant women during childbirth in order to bond with the new born child, scientific research shows the same levels of love and connection are also produced when couples hug.

“We used to think that oxytocin was found only in the pregnant uterus, but in fact, it’s found in many sites in the body,” clinical psychiatrist and author White and Silver May London Sneakers Giuseppe Zanotti BdfVsW1FX
. “It’s been called ‘the love hormone’ and its levels in our blood certainly increase when we hug, when we feel loved and even when we stroke a beloved pet. So it has a huge role to play in intimacy — and not just of the sexual kind.”

The oxytocin produced from hugging can also have a positive impact on your emotional well-being, help if you suffer from depression, which can be caused by sleep loss , anxiety and or mood-related problems, according to research. Oxytocin is claimed to reduce blood pressure and stress levels, so night hugs can certainly have a much wider impact on your daily life.

“It even plays a part in raising our self-esteem and, therefore, improves our capacity to have healthy, close relationships,” added Dr. Davies. “It’s also a powerful natural anti-inflammatory, and has anti-aging properties — one reason why people living isolated lives, with little human touch, can age prematurely.”

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Founder—Cherry Task <https://cherrytask.com>

Optimize your GTD®Workflow

W hen I first began using GTD®, the first behavior that produced a feeling of clarity for me was . I have an average memory, but I frequently forget thoughts I had only moments ago. Perhaps this is because I often have numerous additional thoughts in quick succession and I just cannot retain all of them. It turns out that nobody can — at least not without intentionally using memory tricks (which is not something that I typically do). In fact, the maximum number of items that anyone can hold in short term memory is seven. It is therefore no wonder that I tend to forget something almost as quickly as I think of it. We all do.

After reading David Allen’s book , I learned about the capture stage of GTD®. So simple! All I needed to do was to write down every thought I was finally able to keep all of my ideas without always asking myself “What did I just think of?” It truly was a feeling of euphoria to know with confidence that I was not forgetting anything.

Capture everything. Simple.

My inbox exploded! Too many thoughts. Luckily, once I began to process all of this input, it became apparent to me that most of it was not immediately actionable. In hindsight, I suppose this is why I was able to function reasonably well despite the ephemeral nature of my memory. Fortunately, GTD® is ready for exactly this type of non-actionable data. For the bulk of my new input, after first clarifying what it was, if it didn’t immediately get trashed then it was parked on my Someday/Maybe list.

There was a time when my Someday/Maybe list grew to more than 600 items! I took to heart! That sounds crazy but in reality it is effortless to find that many ideas to add and not too difficult to manage. After all, these are mostly items that I do not need to review every day, every week, or even every month. Most only actually need to be considered 2–3 times per year.

When looking for ways to optimize my weekly review in order to make the best use of my time, I had an epiphany. I don’t need to review my entire Someday/Maybe list every week. I only need to review of it every week. This realization led to the dramatic step of deleting my Someday/Maybe list!

To be more precise, I deleted the list but not everything on it. The tasks and projects formerly known as Someday/Maybe items were distributed among three new lists:

Tasks and projects on my Someday list are ones that I want to do. I do. I just won’t do them right now. These are inactive items that I am committed to doing but I don’t know when. Examples of Someday tasks/projects are and.

Tasks and projects on my Maybe list are ones that I am not certain if I really want to do at all. I definitely will not do them anytime soon. These are items that I might eventually choose to do but I am not committed to them. Examples of Maybe tasks/projects are and.

Then again, maybe I will never choose to activate any of these projects.

Tasks and projects on my Soon list are ones that I want to do. I will do. I will not do them right now but they will become active in the near future. These are items that are important and will have high impact toward achieving my goals. They have a greater sense of immediacy than items on the Someday list. Examples of Soon tasks/projects are and.

I understand why the Someday/Maybe list came into being. When lists were being managed on paper (and some people still swear by this approach), every additional list made the process of list management more cumbersome. Minimizing the number of lists in use was important. David Allen might not have even made a distinction between and .

I use a digital task manager and it is no effort to add new lists, especially when doing so helps to streamline my workflow. The ultimate value of all this effort to distribute my Someday/Maybe list into three new lists is that now I review only my Soon list during my weekly review. This means I have 15–20 items to review instead of 600.

Although I continue to review my Soon list every week, my Someday list I review once every month and my Maybe list is now reviewed only once every four months. If I ever feel that sense of unease that I am forgetting something, the Someday and Maybe lists are easily available to review at any time in between the scheduled dates.

If you want to read more from me on Medium, please Follow. Don’t forget to clap if you liked thisarticle!

Why I Hate the 2-Minute Rule - Cherry Task cherrytask.com
How An Infant Will Make You Spiral Out Of Control - Cherry Task cherrytask.com

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